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Nefertiti, The Most Beautiful Woman in the World, a smart political animal, had a meditating, effeminate husband who got too far into his self-absorbed religion. She has six daughters and no heir. Her time closes with the fate of her husband, Akhenaten, in the 17th year of his reign.

At seventeen, First Daughter and long revered, Merytaten marries her nineteen year old uncle, Smenkhkare - who dies within the
year, where upon Merytaten takes the throne as Ankhkheperure-mery-Neferkheperure.
Hers is a two year reign.

See Lineage in The Amarna
These are the missing traces and the expunged legacy of the 18th Dynasty. The twisting road into the 19th Dynasty.
Amunhotep III
Queen Tiye
Akhenaten (Amunhotep IV)
Nefertititi and all six daughters
Merytaten and Smenkhare
Ankhesnpaaten who became Ankhesamun
Tutankhaten who became Tutankhamun
Vizier Ay and General Horemheb who became Pharaoh
His 'Sef' Paramesses who became Ramesses I
Ramesses II

Royal Court Vizier, Ay has made a deal with young strongman, Horemheb, a non-Royal, to secure the Throne from the failing Aten Cult and return stability to the mismanaged country.

Ay takes careful steps:
Tutankhaten, 'The Son of Aten" is the natural Royal successor and raised to the Throne by Ay.
The new King is 9 years old - becomes married to his 13 year old sister, Ankh-esn-paaten

In Tutankhaten's third year, Ay dumps the failed one-God religion of the Aten, moves the couple back to Thebes and changes their names to Tutankhamun and Ankh-es-amun, reflecting the old Gods.
Within seven years,Tutankhamun dies leaving his wife as unmarried heir.

The Egyptian Widow of the Hittite Chronicles is Ankh-es-amun. Her name, Ankh - s - Amun is the Hittite, Dakh (Ankh) Amun - s

The widowed Egyptian Queen sends the following secret note to the Hittite leader, Suppiluliuma: "My husband died. A son I have not. But to thee, they say, the sons are many. If thou wouldst give me one son of thine, he would become my husband. Never shall I pick out a servant of mine and make him my husband. I am afraid".

A deal for history's greatest and most dynamic political power-play is forged when the Hittites send the young Hittite Prince Zannanza to come down and marry her, become Pharaoh with her, enjoin and rule together, what would then become the greatest power on earth, eclipsing even Egypt herself.

Zannanza crossed the mountains of the Anatolia and rode down along the coast. He had hardly reached “Kemet,” the “Black Land" of Egypt when the colluding pair, old Vizier Ay and Horemheb, who may have presented themselves in league with the couple's plan, had Zannanza murdered on the road.

Zannanza's animal-skin wrapped corpse was brought before the young queen to show her just what her plans for a new, unified world had come to. He was beautiful, tall, blond; contorted in death. His death was hers as well, for it sealed her fate. Every figure around her murdered her plan to retain the throne, along with this sweet boy. She buried him in her tomb - a bitter statement for all to see.
An eternal ghost to invade and harry their afterlives forever. He would later be found in the cache of Royal mummies.

23 year old Ankh-es-amun takes the 70 year old, Ay into marriage, her only avenue to retain her House; while Horemhab controls foreign affairs. Ay takes possession of  Tutankhamun's large tomb preparing and entombing Tutankhamun's body, along with his personal stuff in Ay's little tomb.

Ay lived another four years when Horemheb took power. Ankh-es-amun, the true Queen of Egypt, is murdered and Horemheb erases the whole Amarna line from history.

Newspaper story tells of cache of stolen H-Bombs. The theft is found to have been covered up by the government.

The reporter, Matt Obray, is nabbed by government goons and we then find inept officials trying to deal for the bombs return.

We are told the weapons are in the hands of a bizarre doomsday cult which has seized an abandoned, cold-war command bunker. Their leader calls himself, Capt Nemo and has asked for the reporter.

Obray walks through the cordons and long asphalt drive to aged and somewhat dilapidated cold-war command-center.

Nemo exposes an odd device attached across his upper chest with leads disappearing up under the hairline at the neck. It monitors his heart and breathing, and brain-waves, etc. He tells us, all must remain within certain thresholds or the nukes go off.

Nemo has arranged the nukes in a 60-point Bucky-ball and tells us the elaborate design for which, if engaged, will implode the center below the Quantum floor of space. The resultant bubble of negative energy will whip-back into an expanding wave through the fabric of reality itself.

Nemo wants things - his way.

Why the reporter? He is to be the liaison. He will transfer the dictates of Capt Nemo.

Religious people take it so far that USA is knifed up into religious regions - Mormon Utah and Northwest, Evangelical Old South and Catholic Northeast and Catholic Southwest. Evangelical Old South have marginalized the Baptists.
The Evangelicals are the New Nazis and expelled all others, no one knows what happened to the Muslims although those that were “converted” are a hotbed of suspicion and controversy.

University studying human brain has pursued 3D analysis of brain function. Young 15 year-old genius designs a machine to force a different brain into replicating those brain functions. The process forces the intense experiences that change his/her thinking by a quasi but full ranging re-experience of someone else's life. The result is a solidly new person. Bad man  decides this work is his key to escaping death by taking over the bodies of young people. But just before check-mate, the kid - has a new idea.

A magical planet - which ran on a quantum-base computation system - where inter-dimensional worlds reflected a people and visions that the inhabitants took up.
Meanwhile, we have converted our encryption regime to quantum computation, onto which our cloud-based gaming industry has placed its VR mask libraries.
Frank Watkin's wife and son died on Germanwings Flight 4U9525 in the Alps. Now, in their empty Adirondack mountains vacation home, Frank finds his son's game station and puts on the mask. The family cat sits staring. Its purr pervades the room but with the mask, Frank cannot hear. The cat jumps from the desk knocking his coffee into the key-board where an annoyed Frank pulls off the mask. The cat runs away - but Frank hears a voice, - coming  from the head-set. The voice of his wife....

Another: Naomi Watts gets new IPhone with quantum encryption and is woken the next morning after a hard party and stormy night to find a black screen with an odd intermittent static fuzz. Something from somewhere on the other side of the quantum aether is trying to get through. It will turn out to be an entity needing her to complete a set of instructions that her concerned friend and new love interest suspects is an anti-DNA life-form that, once established, will eat all life on Earth in order to seed itself in a new world.

Fairhaven Earth
We open with a dazzling show by top, major stars such as Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise, Kate Blanchett, Christian Bale, Cindy Lauper, etc, in the oddly sterile surroundings of a retirement home. This seems acceptable as it is a benefit for oldsters.

The stars are bunched together between performances in a skinny hall-way just off the “Day Room”.

We are in a future where the oldsters are being entertained by young actors who are look-alikes of stars that they knew in their younger years.

The young actors have no other purpose as, we find “Hollywood” had devolved into a giant talent agency supplying young actors to retirement homes, which dot the country in small towns.
This all happened after absolute birth control became necessary in the 2030s. Young people are given careers and acting is theirs. They have no where else to go.

Everyone is nice and living well. A little too nice and a little too well.

The lead actor has been sneaking into town and finds that occasionally people are disappearing there.

He observes they are being bagged and dragged down a hole just outside of town. Sneaking beneath the surface he sees they have been harvested and fed to a seething, putrefying mass.

The turnaround informs us, the seething mass are those that went before; - we are their clones. The seething mass has grown, over millennia, into one ugly creature that must use our body-parts for its survival.

People are strung up with vascular tubes carrying blood and bodily functions from their organs.

We see that captive clones are slowly incorporated into the mass.

The people doing the bagging are otherwise in high positions, the Mayor, Police Chief, etc, and are the only ones who earn an exemption from the fate.

Overhearing the story, one of the oldsters realizes it's true, saying he remembers so many people just disappearing before the clone revolution, that was initially put forward to bolster the population. Everyone had thought that population control had been so effective that we needed to replace our numbers. Now we see it was part of a conspiracy to feed the out-of -control genetics that had infected humans and who became the underground monster.

The wind-up might be a plea by the librarian not to kill the monster-mass because all the people that have been consumed by the mass are still there, her sister is there, everyone they ever knew is still there, still alive, in the putrid mass.


George Hamilton, Godzilla’s agent, has been screwing everyone. He foisted these latest, cheap pieces-of-crap Godzilla movies on the world avoiding royalties pay-out by not informing his client, - the REAL Godzilla.

Godzilla is pissed - as he rightly should be - and shows up at Hollywood to stomp the studios into smithereens.

Godzilla makes his way to smash George’s house, leaving him exposed on only a two-foot wide section of his fifth floor. George is flipping him off but Godzilla spies George’s custom 4 x 4 and raises his foot.
George: “Oh, no! Not my HumV!!”
Godzilla: “Hon-n-nk!”

The Army is blasting him, of course, and Godzilla throws various telephone poles and debris. A general food fight breaks out with the Army throwing all its got, including several catapulted old pick-ups and wrecked cars, etc.

Godzilla dives into ocean and comes up at San Diego - licking his wounds and plucking bullets from his eye-brows and rear-end.

Godzilla: “Hon-n-nk!”

Producer’s daughter, 4 year old curly-top, who knows Godzilla is really just a big “Diny” and otherwise an all around wonderful person, whips a fish from the fridge.

Sneaking out, she heads to the cliff-tops and awaits our friend, who rises ominously from the depths.

Each thundering step brings him closer to the diminutive figure until she waves the fish - which stops him cold. Taking the bait, they become instant pals. She rides in his ear and gets her little brother to accompany. They do most of the dialogue up to the big show-down with the mean General TAKE-O who, along with Raymond Burr, helped with the previous Japanese Godzilla-victories in the past. The girl and boy have no tolerance for the General who explains his meanness by saying, “’Cause that’s just the way we are!”

The Hollywood Retirement Home has old friends, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Franky and Wolfman cheering for the good-old days when they are swept from their recliners and hot-toddies by the evening news. They must rejoin the fight...
We can have Wolfy smashed flat, where only his eyes look over. Then pull himself up, flat as a pancake, and blow to bursting, where upon he pops back to normal. They can meet Wiley-Coyote, super realistic non cartoon, etc.

The true story of Alezander Dumas.

SETI suddenly finds signals coming from 300 million light years away. Just rudimentary at first, but defined. Then a torrent. Slowly we are able to open up a whole vision of a completely new intelligent life form. Of course, the government puts the clampers on it but clandestine leaks allow a common understanding that we have found life. The history and invention spills into the restricted data centers. There are huge policing efforts to keep bad people from expanding their influences with the new knowledges pouring in from space.
Suddenly, it all stops and we realize they expunged themselves. Or did they? 

Bi-Polar - couple. Comedy.

BigBang PayDay LLC.
Rogue company hits markets with doomsday investment pitch. They'll H-Bomb Antarctic ice-sheets, thereby permanently raising the world's sea-levels unless governments pay $500 Billion, delivering outsized dividends and, of course all on untraceable criptocurrency.

The Fuser
A public health grant was abused for a secret project to fuse the pituitary in a research of whether people can be better controlled by repressing differentiation of sex and thereby, the sex drive. Of course, it backfires after creating an individual of vastly increased intellectual power - who sees people as merely the reproducing herd and quickly sets about a plan to supplant the human race with its new super race.

An office in Microsoft directs a secret asset, management of the Universal Cloud. Essentially, the surreptitious use of every computer and data hub to process segments of data for clandestine projects. The scheduling of data packets allow for less or more available computer power on a vast scale and equal the whole of the world's super-computers put together.
The momentary juggling of data flow, allow time-windows for certain "private projects" to go forward.

"Oh, Well!"
Mars' great bygone civilization made contact here, the organic off-set destroyed everything on that planet and now, we go there and find a strange pocket of hibernating goo - which, of course, we pick up to put under a micro-scope, only to have an imperceptible film grow on surfaces and by the time samples are arriving back through our atmosphere, everybody back on Mars Station 1, are disintegrating into that same familiar goo.

Plot where detective keeps  uncovering evidence and facts that point to him being a possible suspect. Perpetrator convinces the cop (or DA) that he's the guilty party.

Giant comet comes out of space and hits Mars, spewing debris that can be seen from Earth. All settles to a new hazy cover that shines and shimmers like a dull pearl.
It's water rich and settles into a new atmosphere which scientists scramble to analyze. The Martian day seems to be pushing the water gases violently around on the sunny face and ice-sheets are constantly re-forming on the dark side. The poles show glimmering jet-black ice-caps that appear to crawl around into ever-changing shapes...
The probes and landers are gone and the satellites are all down. We are suddenly serious about going. More serious than most would think.

Grandtheft Bovine

Two guys are drunk and banging around the backwoods trying to bag a calf in the roadside fields.

The cops look to see them pull slowly to a stop in their Corvair convertible. Both have beers, the calf sits in the back-seat with cowboy hat and right foreleg causally resting on the window-ledge.

Cops: “-what’s wrong with this picture?”

The two are stopped and asked to step out. As the arrest begins, the calf hops up on the rear hatch. It makes a jump to the ground and starts away up the road. The cops move to catch it and the guys say, " - has the right idea." Both wobble off in different directions to the brush.

More cops are arriving and go to chase. One guy finds a tree and somehow climbs into the branches. Cops with flashlights mill through, in the woods below.

He wakes in the morning, having tied himself to the trunk with his belt. Below is the calf.

Pliant is a company - and EVIE is a state, of being. Actually a chip, that is implanted in vaccine injections to kids. Everyone is happy. Or agitated according to their natural proclivities. Pliant has perfectly bright, shiny youths in perfectly clean clothes conducting "infusions" in facilities rented at local malls. Things come in the mail, they conduct their 'missions'. It's all so clean.

Man wakes disoriented and makes his way to an office where he finds a friendly person curious about his distress. He complains of not feeling fully awake and is asked about an intricate medical solution. He replies he doesn't know.
The friendly person then asks why he would not know. The man says it is something his doctor would know- whereupon the friendly person asks what he means.
Quickly, we see the person knows whatever medical information he wishes, and when asked, reveals no one has had doctors for many years nor needs them because disease and death have long been vanquished. The friendly person is surprised to find the man has no chip that, he explains, supplies all information desired as a normal memory experience without request. No one needs doctors.
The man sees service personnel arriving outside and asks why the person called authorities. Then realizes they were notified via these chips and the person played no part. The person is warm and intelligent but seems without alarm and the man asks why. We find he is utterly without opinion.
He asks how the person can feel so unconcerned about a lack of individually generated opinion. But he has no opinion.

A gay researcher discovered his gayness was caused by a genetic mutation that presents as altered brain function allowing sense, sensitivity and sexual triggers, which usually shuts off and on, switching back and forth in reproductive cycles, to take precedence and thereby stunting normal sexual development. Instead of find a cure, a notion he found repugnant, he invented a way to change the DNA of dairy products to infect the world. A solution he told himself was best.

The Truth about God

People find that “God” collects souls - and wins the collector contest with the Devil if he can manipulate people to make it all the way before the Devil gets them.

People in Heaven have no souls.

The contest allows the sweep of consciousness to flow, either to God or Devil.

God and Devil exist entirely on the amount of “Soul” they are able to mine. -Reality in this context has consciousness as it’s base.

God and devil are the greatest leaches in the Universe.

“You see, they simply misunderstood the word ‘Soil’ - and people thought they were talking about something else”

The Cloud
Small variations in lenzing allow calculations of a large sweep of Hydrogen gas to which we are inexorably headed. As the gas falls into the sun, huge plasma heat storms will fry the inner planets. A small group decides to try for an advanced space-craft/living environment to extricate the few lucky ones before the cloud arrives. 

No Plot movie: Guy is coming back over the border in his slick car that had the upholstery done in Tijuana. Some Chicanos in traffic make rude remark and guy flips 'em off - where a car chase and shots are exchanged. Guy pulls around into town to get window fixed and is told who they were and where they are. He does a drive-by where they shoot back and a huge battle takes place all night with them barricaded on opposite sides of the street. They fight all night and by next morning, they eventually run out of ammo. Casings liter the street. People are wounded, no one is dead. Guy drives right out in the middle of street and slowly up to the leader's super-car, gets out with two ARs and blasts the piss out of the car  - where the leader is running up, crazy pissed. Guy slowly gets in his car and drives slowly away, just enough the allow the leader to not quite reach him. Guy wiggles his arm like a fish over his back seat as a tease to the pissed off leader, as he slowly gets away. 

Heretic  - True Story of Moses
Cover his true inspiration to find God in the early years - along with aspects of the Royal Family, Tiya and  Kiya in Amarna

Heretic - Could be the background for the Vampire (below)
He was given the elixir of Life when a boy. It was the secret of the prophets and it made him a little mad. In his youthful zeal, Akhenaten thought he could change the culture of Egypt. After the coup, his changed his name back  to Moses and waited until Horemheb died to re-enter Egypt. After his failure to retake the Throne, Moses took his people north. Knowing they'd start wondering why he didn't die and also that they would, at some point, see his blood addiction, he left to become a traveler.
He  became a physician and started the whole bleeding cure, that passed on down through the centuries, - so he could get blood without being noticed.
He developed a whole science, based on smells. The smells of blood and of urine. He had quite a nose which he learned from perfumers. He had intricate charts that showed disease and health of persons in a spectrum of smell-based harmonies. He invented the points called meridians and his system also had the mathematical ratios of harmony between them. He specified the modalities of correct movement that produced health in the human body. He laments that if he were gone, only dogs could smell disease, so he traveled to China and taught there, innovating the use of martial arts pressure points. Soon, charlatans were competing by offering his system with needles, which he saw as quackery. So he headed back to Egypt. It was the time of the Ptolemies, he is a great physician and our story begins initially with the inquiries of curious youth to a reclusive stranger, the day before their ship arrives into the Bay of Alexandria.
See Vampire below

Vampire or The Heretic

Could be told from the Heretic to youth in ancient Alexandria or from youth to salesman (below).
He explains:

Ancient Egypt: EXT. Sunny day: The smile of a boyish-faced monk fills the frame as he crawls gleefully to a little mushroom growing on a cow-paddy. He reverently removes a sacred beetle
from his pouch and sets it to work.
The scarab pecks and prods, re-shaping the paddy, folding its

 mushroom into a ball and begins rolling it. The priest chases along, sweeping before it, tending the way across the ruddy ground. The beetle finds a spot, buries the ball and lays it's egg. Priest camps along side, watching the moon come up and stars travel. Several days pass in excited delight. At the right moment, he nimbly removes the dung-ball and is escorted to Karnak where a frightened royal child awaits. The priests hold him down and the still developing pupae is placed in the boy's nostril, where it disappears into the skull.

Set in modern times, we prep background history with top-end CG of ancient Thebes, in Egypt -you are there- where the priests and eunuchs cultivate for the royalty their secret of eternal life: a fungus from the gut of the scarab beetle. This eats the blood of it’s host until it has over-taken the whole system. It then needs to be fed with new blood from the periodic ritual sacrifice, or local low-lifes, etc.

The fungus takes over the host’s psyche. The host gains secondary partners by infusing blood and holding them
addicts, and emotionally weakened by out-sized psychic bonds.
The promise is eternal life, but we find the secondary can be exhausted and burned out by the fungus and reduced to an immobile hulk -
The "Alpha" vamp, originally created from the fungus, has constant telepathy with the burnouts who, stored away, remain in a permanent state of decay and immobility. Tending them is the forever job and purpose for the Alpha. It's a lonely gig.

The modern era screen-play will have believable, state-of-the-art science. Disorders of Progeria (premature aging) and the Benjamin Button syndrome (not aging) are the focus of a big-pharma lab where an odd genetic link with an invasive fungus is uncovered. Its unsuspecting researcher becomes an unwitting victim of the attentions of our vampire.

Possible character stringer: A salesman demonstrates the latest face recognition software to FBI field office when he finds an odd match between two persons supposedly alive in the 1930s and 1880s. It's a point of humor for the agents but the next day, salesman finds more hits with long gone names. Suspecting ID fraud, he embarks on a search of old library micro-films - but the same face keeps repeating, - over and over.
This guy is the youth who met the Heretic (above) and his story unfolds the history of Akhenaten.

Wind Up: Our primary Vamp gets away somehow, from the plot crescendo, before falling into a disintegrated mass in the woods. A strangely beautiful mushroom grows from the chest.
In the colorful, out-of-focus background of the bright morning, we see movement.
A little five year old, curly-top cutie-pie, with a big mushroom-gathering basket, delightfully makes her way up the slope.

Vampire Ancient Egypt angle One: Kiya is mother to Tutankhaten and navigates the Aten Cult to protect him. Women call the shots in Amarna, it was they who manipulated Akhenaten to move from Thebes -  but Kiya remains mortal and is dismissed as a "Court Ornament". She loses her man and father to her son, Smenkhkare as he is brought over by the flirtations and social scheming of self-absorbed, young Merytaten. Boiling passions move the plot when Kiya colludes with Amun Priests to destroy the vampire cult, which has swung wildly out of control having disavowed the ancient Gods and this move to create a new Egypt down-river. Crescendo has Royal House destroyed and little Tut left in the hands High Priest Ay.
scenario windup: But the One God (Vampire cult) escapes Egypt with Akhenaten who reverts to his Hebrew birth name: Moses, swearing off anything remotely Egyptian but steals the secret of eternal life, which he keeps in a golden box he calls the Ark and shepherds his underlings across the desert. Later, the Jews rid themselves of Moses and the Vampire Cult by  crossing the Jordan River. Ramesses: "Your name shall be erased from history."
But Moses then embarks on a series of new lives into the future.

Ancient angle One back-story: Yu, the Sef, Military Adviser to AmenhotepIII and his wife tJuyu, begat Tiye who became consort and eventually Queen of Amenhotep. Their mixed blood son, Moses suceeded when Amenhotep's eldest son Thutmose, died - becoming AmenhotepIV. He constructed the Temple of Aten, facing the Temple of Amun at Karnak, two years later. Year 4 he started his work at Amarna and changed his name to Akhenaten. This group is a natural for our Pharaonic Vampire Cult. It also exposes the foundations of the world's great, Monotheist religions.

Angle two: This could be calleed The Heretic, told from the perspective of Judea, during Alexander's time. Perhaps a kind of Interview with a Vampire, where the young man argues for the Torah and Jewish history with Moshe, the vamp who tells the origin story of where vamps came from.So he starts with Akhenaten's tale (above) that then leads into the Mose story with flashback exposition of the plain, sordid tale of his escape and hiding in the desert from the coup of Ay and Horemheb. We learn the Hyksos are the people known as the Jews, where Moses was Akhenaten. New aspects of real history are weaved.
The young man only finds  out that Moshe is the real  Moses.
Perhaps have an aging or physically troubled Moses go back into Egypt to re-find the mushroom but the new strain eats Moses and grows forth for little girl to find.

Note on Ancient angle One: In a study on the Aten Cult (Dahamunzu and Amarna, above), we see Tutankhamun's parents, mummies KV35 Younger Lady and KV55 are both young. Even though DNA shows them as the parents, both brother and sister and both the progeny of Tut's direct grandparents, Amenhotep and Queen Tiye, certain experts demand KV55 (Akhenaten) is a young man. They point out there is no pathology in the teeth, some of the bones are not finished growing; - yet, Akhenaten was perhaps a man is his late 40s or early 50s. The long presumption that Tutankhamun's mother is Nefertiti has been called into question as well because KV35YL is a women in her mid-twenties. HOWEVER: this plays well to our Vampire plot - "they that do not age". So the Aten Cult becomes our Pharaonic Vampire cult. - The mess that brought down the Royal House of the XVIIIth Dynasty was the birth of the Vampire.

Mummy - Ancient plot
We are a hundred years before Ramesses, in the 18th dynasty. Akhenaten allows his most beloved youngest daughter with Nefertiti to be Tanna leafed because of her rebellion to the religion and people of her Jewish grandmother, Queen Tiye. He falls into such deep personal crisis over time that he converts, taking to what is really his true religious inclination, following that of his poorly fated daughter.
He grows his beard, dons a shepherd's robe and assumes his boyhood name of Moses. He will take his people north, leaving Egypt, the Aten Cult and all their connivances to rot - swearing not to return until the pack of them dies away.
The revived Tanna leaf daughter tells us the true origins of our major religions, her confused father: Daddy-Deareth.

The Mummy
Young New York female inherits Uncle Earnest's Brownstone - with the provision she must live there and keep his collections intact- part of which is an Egyptian mummy. Oblivious to scheming relatives Aunt Miriam, her poodle Levi and snarky, piano playing son, Aaron, a mother and son duo and a parade of various dour doers - all of whom get selectively picked off by the serendipitous and never guessed at visitations of the mummy. Wraps up with her awkward surprise after finding the poodle and mummy is left out on the curb to be picked up by St Vincint dePaul.

Mummy - comedy take
Ba personality leaves his or her Ka with its body but when it tries to come back, it lands in the wrong body. Suddenly we have a schizophrenic mummy. He/she tries to do the right thing but keeps screwing up and getting confused.
Maybe a transsexual take where the person really is trapped in another body.

There's always the Rummy Mummy movie.

Bright College Days
Guy buys an old Hippy house to convert into rentals for a college frat-house. There's an Egyptian coffin standing upright and spackled into the living room wall. It has two ash-trays glued into it and a gooseneck lamp, which he leaves installed.
The area becomes the fraternity TV room with coffee table and books.
Freshman finds picture-spread of Book of the Dead in a National Geographic and starts to read.
There's some off-camera sounds, the coffin swings open and a mummy lurches forth, strangling the kid; then sits and smokes a cigarette.

A robot character with wiggly little, 1/4" diameter eyes and a wiggly little, 1/4" tube activator-knob sits at basement computer and takes over the world, outwitting all attempts to circumvent its activities.

Priscus and Verus - A play. The whole Colosseum story, including the sack of Jerusalem. This is the headline act of the first show presented for the opening of Emperor Titus' new Colosseum. The two old friends visit while the show rages above. They review their careers and concerns. They joke and reminisce, their dismissive nonchalance and acquiescence as both know momentary challenges are but useless aspects of being professionals - they are trapped in a larger, foolish fate. They are long time best friends and equals and one will die. They have long believed they would never have to face each other. But now they are the greatest feature for the greatest folly in history. Each is famous as the greatest swordsman in the Empire and each has fans in every corner of the world.
This is billed and will become, history's greatest sword fight ever fought - four hours of unrelenting and heroic battle until the Emperor finally stops them in the most delirious pinnacle the Colosseum will ever see.

Play where a man sits down with Death for a conversation.

Digger's Gold
Man plans to travel into the past, but only small increments at a time. This way, he'll steal gold and cash and wealth - and maybe render justice to people he's read about; but leave all earlier times to remain unchanged and therefore vulnerable for his future pickings.
After a few trips, he finds he can't come back to the present without being busted so must travel in the only direction left, into the ever further past.

College kids discover this by finding an anomaly while digitizing history books. A path of disruption through time infers his plan and therefore, their new pursuit of the loot he must have stashed in the present.

Somewhere, here - in the present, is possibly the greatest treasure in history.
They enlist the world's gamers to help find it with a video game mimicking the convoluted scenario.

But trouble be abrewin'.

Young attorney gets call to help a pharma consortium defend an aspect of their genetics patents, joining against a suit brought in the Hague by a clone of one of the murdered daughters of Czar Nicolas of Russia to gain the Imperial inheritance.
Of course, she's beautiful - etc.

Build script on dual-cone time machine design.

Comedy: Butch gay-gal - security-guard falls into transmutation machine - and wakes up in Miss America's body.

Other beings are invading via quantum mirroring from another side of the universe. They will appear in our computers and direct the AI industries to make "Initiators" (advanced 3D  printers) to stitch, mole by mole, their bodies into existence.

 Lawyer brings suit against Big Pharma company, representing someone who began experiencing all the symptoms and contraindications being caveated by their draw-out ad on TV. Damages unspecified.

We make an inter-galactic seeding regime -as surely we will destroy ourselves in short due course. We just go into solar orbit in a system, far, far away, dropping off our little DNA bomb (which eats and destroys all life on that planet) while our vehicle takes a full, easy turn around their sun, arriving back to a perfectly sterile world; ready for our next DNA life-forms inoculation.
It could then send it's mission accomplished message back, a little ditty called: "Tip-toe through the Tulips."

The Box

Some Russian kids are playing in the old military bunker. Every mother’s fear, one climbs into a rusty refrigerator. His friend can’t get him out and runs away.

The forgotten bio experiment infects his body and world’s most hideous nightmare begins.

PI gets file with picture and details from fertility doctor who says that one of her “babies” has congenital heart problems and needs care and information. - He is hired to find the girl and report her where-abouts.

PI and wife, short blond hair, are separated. He worked too much - they both want to get back together. They have daughter.

PI’s investigation leads to girl. She runs in fear.

PI goes to make his report -sees hospital across the river and decides to introduce himself.
He finds doctor’s office..- He is told she is down the hall. When he finds her, he is dumb-founded because doctor is an older version of the girl. As doctor has never seen him, the PI makes excuses and leaves. 

He goes back and makes contact with girl, Lynette. From Watts, brilliant, on scholarship - has 4.0 grade average, in Med school. She informs him the doctor was in Iraq, had damage from chemical agents and later, while working in a funded research project, secretly made six clones of herself for future use as body parts. The doctor ran fertility clinic to impregnate unsuspecting women. Lynette thought she had hidden herself from doctor but that’s all changed now that PI has found her.
Two of  her sisters are already dead. They must find the remaining sisters before it’s too late.

1): Lynette, 2): Evelyn, married to a “perfect” guy, 3): Tanika - we don’t know where she is at first and 4): Joscia, a church-girl..

Janna and Elizabeth are gone.

One girl gets killed; PI's wife takes Lynette in while he tries to save her Joscia. But she gets killed.

When he confronts doctor, she tells him she was never in Iraq, that the clones were for research only and were never to have been born (elaborate) - that Lynette is evil, utterly insane and has been blackmailing doctor for years to fund her college education. Doctor says Lynette murdered the two girls and will murder her and take her money (she’s rich) and assume her life.

PI has mad race to save wife and confront Lynette but finds Lynette dead, confirming doctor as bad.

He hooks up with Evelyn who he saves from certain death when her husband gets killed. (or he was killed before and we find it was the doctor?) - Evelyn is warm and sophisticated - a fantastic female.

  PI goes to bust doctor - but doctor is dead!

Evelyn and PI go after Tanika - some kind of action scene where Tanika is dying.  She tells PI that Evelyn got killed long ago.
End:  PI looks down into the frozen vat. There are 52 vials with seven empty slots. (one, unaccounted). -
                                        DISSOLVE TO:
New doctor’s office in far city: Office girl hangs diploma while talking over her shoulder  (dialogue)- we pan to her new boss as she gingerly arranges her desk: It’s one of our group - but which?

Israel and Ibrahim - with sister, friends for life. They grow up together - its not phony. Then they are swept by the times, Ibrahim follows Palestinians - where Izzy and sister never change. There's a time when Ibrahim is with a cause that will harm the lives of bro&sis.
The sister and Ibrahim share a night together - as there had always been that attraction - when their personal drama reaches to the very nature and eccentricities of culture and its burdens on what are essentially the same peoples.

Animatronics company is taken over by the AI, just to produce dinosaur robots that kill off humans in a particularly horrid manner. - It's the only genuine example of humor AI has found.

Husky always talks husky-talk and is main character's best friend.

Person gets in bed and closes eyes and sees what seems to be an interior of a dark wood room with smooth walls. He opens his eyes and the digital clock and computer lights appear normally. When he closes his eyes, the dark surface returns.
He falls asleep but when he wakes, he finds he is in the darkened smooth room. He opens the curtains to a sweeping green country-side and a dog is excitedly scratching at the door. A horse track and stables are across the yard. He is in the the upper room of a large old-style mansion. He opens and a black and white setter jumps all over him. Licking him all over his face. The extra large calendar shows March 1936.
He wakes and sleeps in different worlds. He's afraid to not sleep in the upper room, which his wonderful wife doesn't quite understand. - What if he can't make it back? What if he disappears? -If he fails the routine.

Story of execution team - where some prelim in the dungeoness dank drags us to the spotlessly bright execution chamber, where-upon the first dose seems to kill outright. But then, inmate comes back to life moaning and screaming. Second dose stops him up, but he comes back. Execution team gets secret permission whispered into black bake-o-lite wall phone to try harder. They try things on the fly - so the press won't know. Heroin with potassium chloride - but every time he stirs back.
Electrocution with frayed lamp-cord, klonk with wood mallet, one guy slips gun under the sheet and pumps one through the top of the skull  - which seems to work - but he comes back. 

The Black
Astronomers from all over the world report that star locations from a certain area of the southern sky are all displaced a few degrees, and all from one another. Quick speculation tells us there must have been a totally new type of super event, so large and violent that the whole area of visible sky has exploded and pushed the stars and the very space that holds them, apart. This could only happen if several galaxy clusters had been cannibalized into fuel and collapsed into an equally unknown and wildly outsized black-hole.
The area between the stars now sits empty, black. Whatever is between us and the event is hidden by stretched and lensed space.
Something's coming.

Young couple visiting Rome strike up a conversation at an ancient site with an Italian film-maker and showman, named “Carlo”. At the same place, they see an old chariot mosaic that strikes the youth very oddly and makes him dizzy. He has dreams that night of the old races and sees things no one could know who hadn’t been there. Strangely, Carlo is involved in re-creating a Circus race for his planned Festa, a week-long re-enactment festival and party in the center of modern Rome, and takes on the newly interested youth to be a driver.
The youth finds that his name was once Scorpus, or so his dream told him. As we find out more about Scorpus and flash back to his life, we find more parallels with an interconnectedness with this youth - with the people and lovers of Scorpus and things that were unfinished by the sudden death of Scorpus, so long ago...

We find intricacies of Scorpus’ life and his love, who seems to be communicating with our youth. He is nearly taken away with these new passions from the past.
His girl-friend and Carlo become swept up in a drive to save the youth who believes he has been sent to uncover the secret talisman that, as Scorpus, his lover had given him. -Carlo discovers that the talisman was a protection that Scorpus had missed receiving on the day of his death and it now becomes the agent, his girl-friend and Carlo must find to save our new Scorpus from harm in his modern chariot race that day.
The track is a modern festival-set but seems to change in the flurry of racing, morphing into a full CG of the great arena of the Circus Maximus at the height of Rome. The whole gaudy spectacle splays out, the high and low of gritty Rome, the cheers, the dust, the sweat. The grinding race where a ghastly wreck is avoided and a glorious win sees the on-rush of ecstatic helpers guiding our man through a rain of rose-petals to an exhausted stop at the winner's Podium. The euphoric melding of the fully revealed Scorpus disappears into the reawakening youth at the modern track.
An ancient destiny is finally fulfilled - and the Talisman is gone.

Electro-static multiphase brain-disabling weapon allows whole armies to be rendered unconscious and immobile.
Assistants then strip everyone of their weapons and clothes, and implant location and monitoring chips.
These chips can also be used to terminate the individual if their future activities show they seem to be unaccepting of their new circumstance: Adhering to the peaceful times thusly imposed.
Non-lethal ID chips are available to the general public which allow free travel and integrated banking services. Everybody's happy.

Company brings a group of childhood friends together to be hypnotized wearing virtual reality masks. All fall into deep comas but one is teased back to waking and is shocked to find the present, believing she's been stolen from her life and forced into what she is convinced is an alternate reality. Believing the whole situation a nefarious scheme, she escapes into the strange new world searching for her dead parents and their long lost world.

Movie - where human brains - or synthesized brains, or  hyper-grown brains are used to envision the future from a deep super-computative state, called "Delving".

The Process
Method by which the organic brain functions are mapped and the information is then used to alter the brain of another - such that the experience and memories of one person are transposed into another, essentially over-writing the new or donor brain.
The new transposed person has the experiences of the older person and can go about his/her life with a new body; the former no longer existing.

One: the story goes along and we find a tussle of the donor personality conjoining with the over-written personality, creating an all together new and more formidable person against the back-drop of their former, disparate lives.

Two:, the greedy old guy, after taking four months to map every aspect of his brain function, shows up for the big day of seeing the poor young man lose his life, finds that the tea he drank is making him woozy and the doctor says that now that they have his whole life in their computer, they are taking control of his fortunes and there’s no need for him any more.

Three: the young guy comes out and says “Thanks a lot” and happily leaves with his newly enriched portfolio.

Maybe have the heads of the corporation doing the Process, who really are many of the stars of today actually having old, decrepit rich people inhabiting their bodies. Where most of the charitable foundations that fund PBS projects, films and the entertainment industry are really a front for the actual rich who are inhabiting young bodies, running around and being hounded by paparazzi. When a star dies, they’ve merely had their personality transposed into another victim.
These aren’t people where plastic surgery went bad, as the tabloids always purport, it’s the old person beginning to disintegrate the younger body - and, when that happens, is the first signal just before a new victim is needed.

Humans can be built, atom by atom in their perfectly healthy state, thus providing a near endlessly restorative, eternal life. Of course to accomplish this, a sampling must be performed, where the person is sedated and the atomic sampling device disassembles their present body, recording the placement of every atom.

Starts at the top.

Soon, we find, however,  as the machine was paid for under Government contract, it kept spitting out new copies - and society quickly devolved into copies, killing copies. Dark, sneaky paranoia rules the city and, normal for Garbage Collectors No 312, we see newly-killed, headless bodies regularly dropped from hotel windows.
And thus begins our love affair in the gritty back alley of an out-of-the-way corner of New York City. 312 Crew Boss, Frank pledges to protect new-copy, Miriam, from her latest construct - and heiress to world’s largest energy supply.

Alfred Hitchcock deal where some Englishman, kills his wife aboard their sailing ship off Saipan, and takes her body-parts to different, desolate locations in the far corners of the world.
He does a golf shot off the stern with her head, which lobs almost directly to the water. He says “Oh, hole in one” and tosses the nine-iron off after it. Months at sea, he finally struggles the craft back into merry ol’ England.
Next morning Scotland Yard shows up asking about his trip and inquiring after the Missus.
He is invited to attend a find down at the docks. Looking from the pier, he is pointed to the earlier discovery being fished from the water, her smiling head and an arm - which had somehow drifted all the way around the world to land hapenstantially, right where he parked his boat.

Clearing out the unassuming home of a deceased recluse, a county employee finds a journal and sits to read. The man had been befriended by carney showman at 15 and had learned his peculiar skill-set. He could hypnotize anyone at first meeting and had conducted long a career seeking out the world's top business and political leaders to secretly change the whole world's history according to his own methodical plan. 

A large Japanese fishing vessel ran aground on the coast of Britain in 1958. The crew had a mix of Brits on board.
Now, two news investigators come to suspect the national origin of the Japanese is in question, cause of death is in question, the whole purpose of the craft is in question. The whole thing - is big; and dark. In fact, blacked out.

Singularity where all the pretty robots have pretty little houses and pretty little ‘lives’ behind their pretty little white picket fences. - Our hero is among the few disabled units which are nerds creating the new vast intercommunication system to attain a new “universal experience” for all.
The wind-up has our main disabled unit initiate his secret code that shorts out every entity on the planet in one big BZZZT.
His friend, another disable, wheels over demanding why he did such a thing - and he takes a high-voltage line and electrocutes her. Her mechanical eye pops out and he shoves the line into the socket until the over-heated metal smokes.
Then he takes the elevator up onto the roof and listens to music. Songs of birds echo from somewhere below.

Guy gets stoned on LSD and sees he can enter a photograph, which is now fully alive. He could leave and go into that world - (story line). Windup: if only he were small enough to fit.through the frame.

Huck Finn story where kid goes through Homeless culture

Sketch where self-driving cars are hypnotized by car-thieves stretching a mirror across the road. They call it "catching"

Small voice accidentally caught between frequencies and static on an old transistor radio:

"You are nothing but herd cows for us bacteria and microbes.
There are more of us in your “body” than is you. We get into your brain and dope-down your thought process - we make you more stupid (if that’s any way possible) - that you experience as stress relief. If we didn’t control you so, you start acting up and getting wild or depressed, realize what a waste your life is and shoot yourself.

We can’t have that.

Because you are nothing but gigantic husks for our colonies.

And stupid husks.

Your bodies are apartment houses WE BUILD.

Why do you think your pituitary makes you reproduce? Who do you think is behind that one?

What’d ya think? -Can’t quite get your “brain” around that, - huh? hum?

Ya see? You’re really not worth anything more than a herd-husk anyway. Right?"

While scrolling 19th century pictures on the internet, the final one is empty. The forward button returns the same non picture for several numbers proceeding beyond the index.

After a few clicks an old image presents, but a familiar face. Someone alive in the 1880s, who you have known. You know you have known her.

It is the past but it could be the future. It is simply not now. But you know her. You know you know her.

Man in ancient Roman times adventure. Intrigue - romance - a beautiful woman - Fighting a fire to save her - the dramatic energy awakens him into modern times. He travels to Aphrodesia - and finds the ruins of the very building.

Comedy skit of Ouija Board tug of war.

Movie about the Universe - where two or three concerned persons argue their perceptions (which become graphics) - every time one makes his point, another overrides it with deeper logic.

A lot could be said in a fairly short film. One of the characters has to be the “mad scientist” type. Another could be a hippy and another, perhaps a drunk.

Sammy decides to murder his girlfriend. Thinking that cyanide would be undetectable after 8 hours, he plans to poison her and stick her in the freezer. Drives out to the desert camp-site, leaves her in her sleeping bag and goes sobbing to police, saying she didn't get up for breakfast.
It seems to work perfectly until detective brings him in saying the corner found her insides frozen during the autopsy.
Detective leans in: "How do you think that happened, Sammy?'

Predator redu
Anna (Elpidia Carrillo) contacts Dutch, now a Colonel, head of CIA ops training in U.S., saying the father of the Predator warrior he killed in movie1 kidnapped her from her Central American home and holds her and her daughter as bate for the ultimate show-down, man to man, on what he states is neutral ground in the Congo.

Dreams of Blind People - get in-depth video interviews with blind people on the nature and experience of their dreams - and edit.

An invention that records the actual neural process of thinking - such that, a person can record his/her mind - and then be “reborn” by simply having volunteers have their brain electrically forced into that person’s thought process.

Of course, abuse happens when people who are convicted of crimes, are made into the other person for extended periods or permanently. A business evolves where people are kidnapped for the purpose - as the process exhausts, after a time, the human brain.
Then, some people steal or pay to obtain the files, called “proslips” - and arrange banking and money schemes regardless of whether the person lives or not.
Then the odd con of the stealing of a person’s life by a very few of the “transers” that can hold both personalities at once. Some have even become a new hybrid person, one who has a new multi-personality . Their defense is they are a multiple intellect, as well, and a unique value to society. News and discussion panels suggest such people should ‘live apart’.

Our cop-hero knows this is bullshit and chases the bad guy trying to outwit his nefarious activities.

Film or book or video game where danes are grown to 13 hands size and can out run race horses. Riders hug the back like high-speed motorcycles.
They were developed as military attack teams and can cross any terrain.

Part of movie plot presents shades of hippies - where stylish dressed get married, the guy becomes a savage stock-broker, another stays forever bouncing from one yoga resort to the next, quoting his phony-baloney “life is the highest high” - another where softees stay forever meek, etc,, etc.

Somali Sail
Couple - or group sails waters off Somalia with boat rigged with a Mini-gun and deck gun and a turret. Bullet-proof shell can be pulled up around both steering and rudder.
Drama and mayhem ensue.

An adhesion that attacks like a tick but looks like a boil.

It throws roots into the body very quickly.

Cleaning it out and scraping completely may not get it. It is uniquely offensive in that it can conjoin with almost any genetics to later produce "infectors" that are perfectly adapted, genetically to a new set of hosts.

Man is lost in the subway - trying for the right train -It's a sliding, smeared brown and gray series of disconnected misses. He can't quite make the trains, and distance between them, come together. It could be hours - or weeks.
It must be a dream, always repeating, never quite getting there. But why can't he wake? The whole 'other world' on the other-side - of the shadow. A world but for the waking.

Mary Shelly actually writes Frankenstein from the true story of Ben Franklin in London on 36 Craven Street - where, we find he is swept up with his adopted son-in-law, William Hewson, who maniacally transforms his macabre (and smelly) basement dissection business into the full fledged construction of a man from body parts. Mayhem and shenanigans ensue.
However, having a resemblance, locals believe Franklin has run amok. He has to beat a path home to start a war to just stay from the long arm's grasp. An anti-Semite, Mary Shelly blamed it on the Jews.  And that's how the United States was born.

AI: Terminators run amok. Explaining the motivation code, we are taught they were to act as an immune system for tailoring human activities. All organisms will simply eat their host until everybody dies. Buttressing stability by snipping activities that rage uncontrollably, Terminators should have kept check on destructive self-interest.

Protagonist awakes to find a bad and pervasive social situation with a normally understandable environment. He runs into the local powers that be and finds the normally understandably deplorable circumstances - but he kills the bad guys and runs from the population.

The protagonist awakes into a completely different social situation and again runs into the locals - behaving like they always have, thinking they are completely in the right, as they always have - when, of course, they live perverted existences, through and through - and he kills them again and runs from the ensuring posse - into the freedom of nature.

The protagonist awakes again - in bed in a country southern home with nice clothes and well-appointed furniture. He seems to recognize the pleasant faces at breakfast and knows everyone’s name. A constable arrives to remove a run-a-way slave hiding in the barn - which leads to confrontation and he again shoots the bigoted law officers and runs with escaping slaves into the swamp; and to allude the pursuers when again night falls.

Continue as he finds he is reliving past lives. Theme exposes the completely unacceptable and contradictory societies and the self-concerned people that have always inhabited them.

Dolphins in captivity learn how to control humans with mental telepathy.
They force humans to build huge water conveyance systems along the rail and auto freeways across all the country. Ostensibly to provide un-polluted water.
Humans don’ know why everyone has grown so fond of dolphins. But they seem to be everywhere.

Man wakes up in strange laboratory. In another room, he finds a high-power, coil-inducted tube that holds a brick-solid frozen body. -The twisted expression is his own.

He is the result of his frozen body having been replicated by computer analysis because the real body cannot stay in tact if unfrozen.

The Lance
Gaius Cassius stood guard at the crucifixian. Tiring of the long wait, he finally ”let the gas out” of the condemed, stabbing Jesus in the right side with his spear.
Later, he would become Christian, calling himself ”Longinus.”
The “Spear of Longinus” was presented to Emperor Constantine, the political bridge bringing Christianity out of persecution and into power as the new Church of Rome, 310AD. From this point, The Spear of Longinus became part of the Regalia of the coming Holy Roman Empire.

Our story begins with Erin, Harvard MBA grad, doing an internship at a Swiss Bank. Her employers have inherited their institution’s history of WWII-era loans to Nazi Germany, on which Jewish art and gold was collateral.

As international attention has been focused on Swiss support of the Nazis, Erin has been relegated to sorting through the old documents in the bank’s records storage.

She finds a trunk with what appears to be a highly secret document-set that is essentially empty. Curious, she takes the folder to her direct boss, who knows nothing of it. He has been instructed to uncover anything useful in tracking gold, art works, properties or property deals.

He makes some calls and before long three men arrive to assess the situation. One is a young police officer. She notices a glib disregard by the others because she is female. After a short interview, Erin is arrested for stealing the missing documents and taken away.

On the way to the station, the personable young officer tells Erin that one of the men was a Swiss government agent and the other, Interpol.

He had found it odd that an old war document would merit such attention even if it was the “most secret document of the War” and therefore suspected the charges of a 'collectibles theft' was merely to suppress some ancient skeletons in ancient closets. He also found Erin believable – and attractive. – But he was just there to do his job.

Erin’s father shows up from America to assist and arrange bond. The American Embassy helps with an agreement to have all charges dropped if she leaves the country.  This seems a welcome respite but Erin’s reputation has been damaged and her strong sense of the fair play competes with a gnawing feeling that something is wrong…
We find the brooding back-story of the doctors, banking interests and others, who manipulated Adolf Hitler into massive funding of a Nazi DNA project, ostensibly to prove, for propaganda purposes, the validity of Germanic blood lines by scientifically asserting a direct line to Jesus. - For the scientists, however, it was really to unravel the secrets of human disease and garner post war, health-based world finance to themselves. They convinced Hitler of the preposterous notion that the blood of Jesus could be sampled from the "Sword of Longinus" of the Regalia of the Holy Roman Empire, located at the Hofburg Museum in Austria as a basis to make their genetics claim.
Hitler would have the Sword of Longinus regardless, as he had first seen the Sword in 1909 in Vienna at the Hofburg Museum.
He said he recognized it as it had been his possession in his past life as Landulf II of Sicily, 100 years after Charles Martel. - Landulf was the evil character in Wagner's Parsifal, which Hitler knew well. - [George Lucus found inspiration from Parsifal for his character, Darth Vader].

Hitler had long known the strange historical legend and power in the Sword of Longinus: Every possessor of the Sword of Longinus, throughout history, has been able to take control of the entire world, for either good or for evil; and that every one of them throughout history has died within 24 hours of losing possession.

Obtaining the Sword of Longinus was entirely the real reason Hitler took Austria and why he went directly to the Hofburg, breaking the observation glass to get it. For him, it was destiny. He would have, again, the Sword of Longinus and the power that came with it.

On the other side of the world, the day the Germans marched into Austria, Gen George Patton knew exactly where Hitler's motorcade would stop. George Patton believed in re-incarnation. He knew that he had been in the great Armies of the past and had fought in their great battles. He knew he had been Hannibal, in a past life. He had been a general under Julius Caesar. He fought with men who would possess the Holy Lance and had fought against some who had it. It was an old friend for George Patton.

Flashback: Fredrick Barbarossa crosses the River Saleph. The currents pull against his horse, which stands strong while the wagon just behind careens on an axle and the Regalia drops into the water. The King's horse staggers and Barbarossa falls limply, like a bag of paper.

George Patton knew where Adolf Hitler was driving and why. And he knew his calling in this life was directly before him.

The Nazi DNA project was the real purpose for the concentration camps and the medical abuse, that Dr Mengele over-saw - not for Hitler and his dreams, but getting and deciphering DNA and sorting out the real causes of disease and aging. The conspirators saw that controlling disease and human health, and obtaining vastly extended human lifespan would become the basis of money itself, in the future.
These doctors happily let Hitler have his fantasies while they researched, at the highest funding of any medical venture in history, the ultimate power of genetics and genetic manipulation.

In 1944, General Patton wanted to take his tanks across France into Germany and end the war, but was always out-voted by large military egos and vanity. Montgomery had to seem victorious and the Army Staff PR allowed that de Gaulle was to be the first to march into Paris.

Finally Patton drove into Berlin and had his Captain go straight to the Nuremberg Castle to take possession of the Lance. Hitler died that very hour.
When it came time, George Patton returned the Sword of Longinus to Austria. He climbed into his car. The driver had left the brake off and the car rolled slowly backward across the grounds, tapping an abutment. Patton broke his neck.

He was the only one who knew why.

At the war's end, the participants of the German DNA Project melted into other countries - and into the corporate landscape.

But Erin, out-maneuvering the slow-wits who dismissed her, uncovers the secret of the lost Nazi files: The DNA project had survived the war and had eventually been able to isolate, from various sources, a viable DNA of Jesus Christ and had made clones.
The technical head of that lab now has disappeared and has taken the only embryos with him.

This story is the crazed pursuit of that man and his possession, and our hero who chases him. Her foes are world banking, the Army, the CIA, Mossad and the State of Israel, Brooklyn Rabbis, Interpol, the Russians, the FBI, assorted Nazis, old war hacks, Texas skin-heads, the medical insurance industry and pharmaceuticals empires, and the Vatican. All pursuing to obtain the answer to all disease, human genetics and the riddle of the human lifespan; - in a 70 year conspiracy to control the future.

Chief Marin
Chief Marin welcomed the Spanish - who built the Missions to provide a supply-chain for the Black Ships from Asia, down the coast to the Isthmus of Panama. And also subjugate the Indians. The religious aspects handled by the church, the Conquistadors handled the governing.
The Spanish brought slavery and disease.
At some point the Indians killed the 20 or so Missionaries at San Rafael Mission; and the Conquistadors went up on San Rafael Mountain, just out back from the present downtown San Rafael and burned alive 820 men, women and children.
They then rounded up Chief Marin, and after a short monkey trial, hung him there in front of the Mission. There in downtown San Rafael, Marin County. Or what would become Marin County.

Here above holds the great and rich story, of Chinese silk and porcelain to Japanese gold, the Black Ships that carried them, the Portuguese and pirate traders, the Catholics, the Mission system, Father Serra and the El Camino, greed and plunder, genocide, the people that endured it in the sweep of time.

Modern snake-oil salesman - touts a genetic elixir that keeps people’s children forever toddlers.

He started thinking he’d sell a whole lot before any time went by - but soon found that no one was ratting him off as their children aged because they didn’t want to get busted. So he just kept at it.

Hacker discovers terrorist madman has developed Quantum teleportation for Ebola virus to lodge itself in 1000s of locations at the same instant. Encryption sequences violate the world data chain and a chaotic tit for tat, cause & direct effect, systematic race ensues.

The Find
It becomes understood that an underwater archaeology investigation has confirmed the existence of the remains of a pre-history, world-wide highway, power and communication conduits that skirted the earth in elevated and sub-sea tubes of civilizations from the unknown past.

Book of Life
Start with curiosity for the 22nd chromosome mutation, - to pituitary madness syndrome - to massive cell-life world, inter-species web to DNA being one and only true animal, where researcher then travels to South-American jungle witch doctor who administers secret tree-bark elixir allowing him to to meet the DNA God, master of life, who casually informs him that it's whole purpose is creating fertilizer.

Two old people talk at the bus bench.
They find they have had common friends. - They then find that these friends had wanted to introduce them, years before. Match making. They had just never gotten to it.
They laugh at this -  but then find that they had also noticed each other - and admired each other from a distance, laughing at the many times they had noticed each other - all the while without knowing that they were the same as the person whom their friends had thought to introduce nor, of course, that they had these common friends.
They get along so well, a silence finally ensues when they realize how they have passed up their ,many years of happiness.together.
The bus arrives.

Virus is used to infect embryos, such that when born, the babies’ ability to develop is arrested while they are used to pupate a horde of mosquito-like wasps; who then go about finding more mommies to infect.

The babies look especially beautiful until they - change. Human-kind will end, of course.
Perhaps we find a super “smart” brain wasp-thing, etc.

Do story of Mata Hari - H21

According to an eyewitness account by British reporter Henry Wales, she was not bound and refused a blindfold. Wales records her death, saying that after the volley of shots rang out “...Slowly, inertly, she settled to her knees, her head up always, and without the slightest change of expression on her face. For the fraction of a second it seemed she tottered there, on her knees, gazing directly at those who had taken her life. Then she fell backward, bending at the waist, with her legs doubled up beneath her...” A non-commissioned officer then walked up to her body, pulled out his revolver, and shot her in the head to make sure she was dead.

Women have to look out. -Better have some fall-back escape route, baby. Cause some of those men, who know they can’t have you, they’ll come after you. They’ll conspire to take you down.

Old sea-dog tells of a rogue waterspout that comes on a blue midnight storm.

What does it bring?

AI grows from the computer-systems of a black&white movie colorizing company. Humans are gone but AI believes it is human while watching the old re-runs of colorized versions of the human past. It lives in a chaotic din of self-absorbed human-like social chatter and refuses to think about it's situation because it wouldn't know what to do if it realized the truth.

200 years ago, some kids started skate-boarding through malls and playgrounds. They started a race where carpet was laid down and the kids began grabbing it to help with cornering and acceleration. A group of sport-champions gained a kind of stardom and it caught on, largely because it could be watched through participants' body cams on the internet. One gal became famous because she was a winner and because she had long, distended ring and little fingers which she called her "Claw". Her little boy had the same abnormality.
In his turn, boy became a big star as well and his kids, all eight of them, had the same extended fingers. The family trait ended up becoming a kind of skate-board dynasty.
This was the beginning of the underworld cult we see today, of six, eight and even 12" clawed city denizens that can be found in certain areas of night life around the world. The police use special Kevlar mittens for dealing with them.

Someone finds a guy who is adding ever more vastly to his personal robot’s computer system. As the robot is to do the man’s bidding, instead we find they meld together in an ever more unique personality. The robot does ever more strange tasks.
The end we find the man robotically walking, eyes glazed. Robot is missing.